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Nikolas Wolf Knight

Life Memorial

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"If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse gift will find a fitting place."


— Margaret Mead, Cultural Anthropologist





Currently, there is growing rhetoric of the polarization in the United States on viewpoints on race, religions, ethnicities, country of origin, gender/ sexuality and political divide. Perspectives on this topic are oftentimes developed through beliefs rather than experience.


Our Experience:


As a member of a Mosaic Family, a non-homogenous family with a mix of race, religions, ethnicities, countries of origin, gender, sexuality, beliefs and political leanings, we were exposed to and developed an appreciation that our commonalities eclipsed our differences. During formative years, this exposure within our family and community, allowed members of our family to have greater awareness and experiences with loved ones who were not ‘just like us’ and hence appreciation of people with dissimilar features and belief systems. These formative experiences gave young people in our family the opportunity to appreciate each other and celebrate our commonalities as well as our diversity.




Create an experience where Americans can experience the value of a diverse community of people, to learn how we are much more similar than different from each other, and appreciate each other on a more intimate setting by sharing perspectives from Mosaic Families. It is our hope that through this sharing, we will increase the community of people who cherish the diversity of our people whether by race, religions, ethnicities, countries of origin, gender, sexuality, beliefs and political leaning.




Create a forum – perhaps a living e-magazine – where we share and celebrate Mosaic Families. In this forum, we will:


+  Liberate stories from and about Mosaic Families

+ Create a loud and vociferous voice for 1HumanKind

+  Potentiate a forum for inquiry and exchange; an environment for learning and sharing with a goal of

    increasing the dialogue amongst all people on issues of race, religions, ethnicities, countries of origin,

    gender/ sexuality, political leaning and beliefs

+  Share a vernacular to express that we are all connected as 1HumanKind so as to increasingly potentiate

+ Global Peace and Collaboration

What do we mean by living e-magazine?


Online, interactive ‘magazine’ with a combination of writing and video with commenting for an open-air conversation about relationships by people from differing backgrounds and non-traditional families.


Engaging content highlighting Mosaic Families and sharing insights about why these families are so important to our community and examples of why we would want to celebrate our diversity and commonalities.


Potential to become a published magazine

Create an active online conversation of daily topics

Expand the 1HumanKind phraseology via brand and reach






1HumanKind: phrase indicating we are all connected as one human race.



Mosaic Family: a non-homogenous family with a mix of race, religions, ethnicities, country of origin, gender/ sexuality, political and/or beliefs



In memory of Nikolas Wolf Knight, for his vibrant zest for life and essential member of the Knight Mosaic family


We invite our community of family, friends, neighbors and caring acquaintances to share in one of two Action Streams that will culminate in an evening of love and celebration for Nikolas Wolf Knight, the boy with a vibrant zest for life. After pondering the many ways to memorialize Nikolas, our family would find joy in co-creating an interactive, multimedia ‘magazine’ conversation celebrating diverse families called 1HumanKind with our community. The Life Celebration will be held at Bala Cynwyd Middle School on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. We have a short-term goal to share a 1HumanKind ‘first edition’ (or draft) that evening.

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