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  • Only the sickest come to the hospital
  • Patient get care in the privacy of their home or convenient while on their workbreak
  • Imagine “health consult” rooms at work
  • Rethinking the role of the hospital within the healthcare system
  • Rethinking the role of the physician in the treatment of the patient
  • Rethinking healthcare building architecture

Dr. Knight speaks about the Future of Healthcare, Humanizing Healthcare, transforming care delivery through Connected Health (cHealth), and new standards of organizational Healthfulness. She also shares on Success&Impact. Below are samplings of the speeches:

Dr. Summer Knight speaking


Connected Health or cHealth

  • Current & Future
  • Problems Addressed/ Impact
  • Stage of Market / Competitive Landscape

Future of Healthcare: Humanizing Healthcare

  • Population Health to Precision Medicine
  • Consumer Engagement and Activation
  • Natural Support Network
    • Benefits
    • Challenges
    • Instituting

Transforming Care Delivery

  • Connected Health
  • Activating the Healthcare Consumer and Caregiver
  • Telehealth and Telemedicine
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Care Coordination


  • Healthfulness Centers of America
  • Healthy Company

success & Impact

  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Woman Entrepreneur
  • Healthcare entrepreneur
  • 1HumanKind

  • MDS Speech at Women2Women Expo in Reading Chamber of Commerce, April 21, 2015
  • Futurist’s View: Health Care Trends, Comcast April 2015
  • Passion and Romance Summit hosted by Iris Benrubi – week of March 15, 2015
  • The Art of Changing Your Life Summit hosted by Bradley Thomas – week of March 15, 2015
  • Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Speaking on Healthy Corporations, March 19
  • Vanguard’s No Limit’s Leadership, March 20, 2015
  • Ramy – Something Cafe
  • “Success, Impact, and the 5 Human Equities”, Your Biz Rules Talkshow, June 2014
  • “5 Human Equities” stage with Dr. Travis Stork from “The Doctors” show during Aetna’s Client Forum of top 100 clients, February 2014
  • “Health Care Innovative Solutions” biweekly address to F1000 companies, 2013 – 2014
  • “YoUnique”, Leckie featured speaker, September 2013
  • “YoUnique”, Live Brazen featured speaker, June 2013
  • “Women’s Wellness – Healthier Women = Stronger Leaders”, National League of Cities Women in Municipal Government, May 2013
  • “Innovation Quotient”, Keynote address for Philly Tech Week, April 2013
  • “Women Entrepreneurs and Investor ROI”, Philly Tech Week, April 2013
  • “Executive Innovation Address”, Entrepreneur Organization sponsored by NYSE and StartUp America, October 2012
  • “Intrepreneur Bootcamp”, prepping Internal Innovators for Executive presentations, August 2012
  • “Innovation Quotient”, Keynote address for Florida Association of Community Health Centers, July 2012
  • Appeal to Highlight Entrepreneurs, We Own It Summit, June 2012
  • “Step into Your Heroism”, Keynote Speech for all-Women CRG, Cigna, Corporate-wide, USA, May 2012
  • “Step into Your Heroism”, Cigna, Pittsburgh, PA, April 2012
  • “Step into Your Heroism”, Women’s Small Business Association, Pittsburgh, PA, April 2012
  • Innovation and Diversity”, Senior Leadership Team address and activities, March 2012
  • “Human Intraoperability,” ESRI Awards Speaker, Washington, DC, September 2011
  • “Social Media and Social Networking in HHC”, co-presented with Wes Perry, CEO of Intrepid at the National Association of Home Care National meeting, Dallas, TX, October 2010
  • “Innovative Tools States are using in Long Term Care and its Implications for HCBS – with special Social Media Update”, Home and Community Services, Atlanta, GA, September 2010
  • “Horizontal Interoperability”, speaking with distinguished HSSIAC panel with state Medicaid CIOs during Medicaid Management Information System annual national meeting, Portland, OR, August 2010
  • Provider Meeting for “AHCA Telephonic Home Health Service Delivery Monitoring and Verification Project and Interactive Voice Response Authentication System”, Keynote Speaker, Miami, Florida, May 2010
  • “State and Plans’ Role in Moving Long Term Care into the Home and Community”, Medicaid Managed Care Summit, Washington DC, February 2010
  • “Electronic Visit Verification Challenges and Outcomes”, National Home and Community Based Services Conference, (co-presented with Government Employee) September 2009
  • “Innovative Tools States are using in Long Term Care and the Implication for MMIS”, Medicaid Management Information Systems, co-presented with Cristal Valley, Ops Manager for WY Medicaid, August 2009
  • Advocacy of Technology for Stakeholder Connectedness in Home Based Care, multiple ad hoc presentations 2005 – 2010
  • Council of State Government for Disease Management in Washington, DC, 2004
  • Agency for Health Care Administration Address, Florida Medical Directors Association, 2004
  • Press Conference on behalf of State of Florida Governor from AHCA about Physician Liability Insurance Reform (highly contentious topic – LIVE), 2003
  • Physician Partnership, addressing Florida Medical Association, 2003
  • Agency for Health Care Administration Address, Florida College of Emergency Physicians, 2003
  • A Community Disease – Violence, Refuge House on Domestic Violence, 2002
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