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“I’ve known Dr. Knight for over 12 years. We worked in a small community hospital. She worked in the ER, I worked upstairs as an internist; sometimes we worked shoulder to shoulder in the ER, other times we worked together on the floor. I think that if any agency, any company, any organization that is looking to make positive change and not just go around and around in circles, and sitting around talking about the same problem over and over again, would benefit from such a motivational talk, such innovative ideas, and a unique way of presenting them.”

Dr. Temple Robinson


“I’m Chelsea French. We started a business this year called Merely Physical Massage Therapies. We called Dr. Summer Knight to help us out with starting our business. She helped us write an operating agreement, helped us think about the future, and she taught us how to make our business grow. I’m Mary Grambling. Summer was very helpful explaining the legal terms that we were unfamiliar with. She helped us to navigate through the legal document, the operating agreement, making it workable for our business, and making sure that we understood what the different components of it were.”

New Leaf

“What’s not awesome about Summer? She’s got a dynamic personality that really can light up a room. What I have really found interesting about Summer is that she has a genuine personality that shows every time she talks. She cares very deeply about everybody that she meets and wants to get to know them on a personal level.”

Fausto Molinet


“If you’re looking for a leader, Summer’s your gal. The lady has all the knowledge and technical aspects to take you from the Earth to the Moon, and back again. She’s a incredible dynamic lady that has all the answers, and if she doesn’t have the answers, she’s got the resources. She’ll find them for you to take you where you need to be. She’ll help you be the success story you need to be, and to get the results you need to get.”

Duane Braaten

“Dr. Summer knight is truly an individual that wants to serve. Every ounce of her is guided towards helping people. She truly is committed to finding a way to help you through your problems. I believe she’s sincere, I believe she means what she says, and I believe she will work tirelessly to help you.”

Joey Gilbert


“Summer, is just Summer. That’s what she brings to the table. She brings flowers and fresh air. She renews everything that she comes to. Summer is a firecracker. She moves you from one place to another in a second, but in her real essence she is a flower. She’s lovely and she’s full of wonders.”

Maya Velazquez

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